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Training Courses

Master the art of todays top procedure – MICROBLADING!

We will teach you all about shape, proper depth and applications, mistakes to avoid, anesthetics application, style, shape and design.

This 2-days course offers practice with real model.

PRICE: 1290€ + VAT
price includes STARTER KIT worth 400€

Learn with us manual shading technique which can be use seperetely or in combination with microblading for more dimensional look.

We will teach you all about shape, proper depth and applications, mistakes to avoid, anesthetics application, style, shape and design.

This 1-day course offers practice with real model.

PRICE: 500€ + VAT


Set your work apart by utilizing advance powder technique, shading with specific needle configurations and color mixing. This training is offered in a private or semi-private setting.

This 1-day course offers practice with real model.


Master the art of creating a beautiful shadow eyeliner that can create a complete eye make up. We will teach you all about styles and colors that can be used and which one to avoid in this beautiful technique.

This 1-day course offers practice with real model.

Set your work apart with advanced techniques to create natural fuller 3D and more beautiful lips with long-lasting color. Utilizing specific techniques that allow you to line, shade and blend, lips will become your favorite procedure.

Selecting the best needle configurations is a must in order to create the effects you are looking for. Color selection and color mixing will be made simple, ensuring you have selected the most flattering lip shade for your client. Make lips fun and easy with this fabulous class.

This 1-day course offers practice with real model.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeons are demanding, more than ever.

3-Dimensional Areola Tattooing to compliment their patients reconstructed breasts. Veroika Fleiš teaches the skills and application of these techniques to create the most realistic and natural appearing areolas. Learn how to determine the size and placement of the nipple/areola complex and create soft, diffused perimeters and even the convincing texture of Montgomery Glands.

Needle and color selection is made easy.
This 1-day course offers practice on artificial skin.

The most needed procedure nowdays is tattoo removal. As a offical NPM seller and teachers we offer you training of unique product NPM TATTOO AND PMU REMOVAL. This product is made of special formula of lactic acid. Lactic acid has the ability to lift more colour faster while much safer than the Glycolic. The healing process is very fast and simple. NPM developed special method that involves simple steps the clients need to do at home to improve the color lifting and process.

You will learn the following:
• Skin types, layers and oxygenation process
• Types of tattoo removal solutions pros and cons
• What can be removed and how
• Needles and method
• What removal to use
• Natural removals
• Removal after care
• Common mistakes and dangers

All About Our Training Courses




Master trainer: Veronika Fleiš PMU specialist, international trainer and esthetican
Asistent trainer: Pavlína Mráčková, former student of Veronika, current co-worker, PMU specialist, esthetican and trainer.
Maximum number of students: maximum is 8, but we mostly do 4-6.
Bring: youre own PMU machine or if you require you can tried our NPM or Biomaser machines.
Model: it is better to bring your own model so you can do observations and touch ups later. If you travel from far away we can provide you with a model.




Theoretical part
You will get a printed scripts in English, which contains theoretical education and elements of practical implementation of each technique.

Theoretical part always includes color theory, symmetry, skin education, principles of micropigmentation, usage of anesthetics, aftercare and healing proccess, pre-drawing and ideal shapes. You can also take notes and scatches during this educational part.

This is the best part to watch closely during the work on model. We will keep talking during the work to tell you all about common mistakes, proper implementation, about difficulties that you will be facing during your own work. You can ask questions as wel…

Practical part
You can practise either on latex or live model. It is recommended to have a try on latex first to get familier with the technique. After brief latex practise you will get your live model work. We will personally guide you and support you during the whole process – from shape maping, symmetry to actual technique. The whole treatment is supervised and if needed we will get hand on your model to show you the right moves.


You can combine more classes together.
More classes took at once, the higher the discount.

You can also chose two types of our classes:

1 day 500€
2 days 900€
3 days 1275€
4 days 1600€

1 day 700€
2 days 1300€
3 days 1750€
4 days 2200€

These prices are only for lips, shadow eyeliner, powder brows, areola tattoo and NPM removal trainings and include lunch and snacks each day of training. Prices on this website are merely for your information, but subject to change occassionally. Prices doesnt include VAT.